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  • Portable, man-packable solid state FM continuous wave radar bringing radar technique to foot soldiers level, providing tactical advantage over non-users in an operations area. Used as stand-alone or in a radar network.

  • UAVX helps commercial facilities and large-scale venues actively monitor and secure their premises, protecting them from unwelcome threats and liabilities. It precisely detects, tracks and identifies UAVs using a new type of doppler radar— the compact surveillance radar (CSR), artificial intelligence, and long-range video tracking. 

  • This device connects radars and other IP sensors to automatically classify detections using neural network artificial intelligence. Train the AI with live data in the intuitive realtime mapping software. Your neural net provides classification as a probability output which can be integrated into any other IP device or API. Forensic data are stored...

  • The resolution of 5 m ("Single-Look-Mode") allows for a wide field of application over land and sea. An important feature of the RST Radar is the real-time image generation on board. Its affordable price is another undeniable advantage.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items