• Very nice value for money Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) including state of the art quadrocopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a user-friendly Ground Control Station (GCS), all communications for data and control and of course a choice of high performance optical sensor gimbals.

  • The KA74 is the best choice when you have the highest demands with regard to protection of very valuable, fragile or hazardous loads during transportation or storage. The Defender KA74 boxes have withstood various tests for wear, rain and dropping with flying colours.

  • A top case with a beautiful and robust design. The SKB is an airtight and waterproof case that is suit- able for the most extreme applications. This case provides the maximum protection for your products. The 3i cases are made of lightweight durable polypropylene and has a rubber ring to make the 3i a completely waterproof case to a depth of 1 meter, in...

  • The LAS-41P is a 4 in 1 Laser Aiming System that integrates co-aligned visible and IR laser pointers as well as an eye safe IR laser Illuminator and a super bright LED flashlight. All four elements are encased in a small and light weight aerospace aluminum housing that fits onto a pistol rail.

  • The LAS-41G integrates a compact co-aligned visible and IR laser pointers together with a 100mW high powered laser illuminator and a super bright LED flashlight. All four elements are encased in a small and light weight  aerospace aluminum housing that fits onto all small arms equipped with a 1913 rail system.

  • The LAS-31G is a 3 in 1 laser aiming system taht integrates co-aligned visible and IR laser pointers with a focusable IR laser illuminator. All elements are encased in a light weight aerospace aluminum housing that fits onto all small arms equipped with a 1913 rail system.

  • The BCC-MIL is a tactical communications go-kit for high-mobility teams that work in difficult conditions with unstable and unpredictable networks. BaseCamp Connect sets in 5 minutes flat to ensure continuous communications over multiple networks with automatic failover to provide secured voice and data communications.

  • The BCC is the most valuable versatile of our units: It can be rack-mounted for use in a Mobile Command Vehicle. It can also be fitted in ourportable hard case equipped with chock- mounts as a rapid-deploy kit to complement the existing vehicles infrastructure. BCC is a tactical communication system intended for emergency managers who can’t afford...

  • BCC-LITE is a portable rapid-deploy kit that creates a local network, interconnects radios and automates network failovers to provide phone, Internet and radio interoperability. Portable communications go-kit with 2 radio interfaces, 4 telephone lines and an internet router working on 2 networks. Automated connection to preset networks with automatic fai-...

  • The Sentry-H is the military industry’s first dedicated base and mobile radio system that delivers 150 W of RF power without the added cost, weight and complexity typically found with multirole Manpack radio design. Designed for maximum efficiency and a wide range of DC input voltages, the Sentry-H is the HF radio of choice for vehicle and base...

  • The 3040 Automatic Whip Antenna is a low profile alternative to the highly successful 9350. The 3040 provides flexibility to installations. Providing a mobile antenna solution for all families of Codan high frequency radios. The combination of lightning fast tuning, compact form factor and rugged construction all contribute to provide a state of the art...

  • Python is a light weight thermal imaging sight that can be helmet mounted or body worn. It is built on the HawkVision VGA thermal imaging core and provides excellent image quality needed for navigation in tough conditions.

  • Maya-H is a super compact, helmet mounted dual sensor fused Night Vision camera for a dismounted soldier. It features an inbuilt processor that digitally fuses video feeds from the thermal imager and low lux imager in real time giving soldiers the ability to select clear/day view, thermal view or Fused view for video transmission at long range.

  • MarkO is a long range CLIPON cooled TI Sniper Sight. It allows a sniper to recognise human targets at more than 2km. Its compatible with most telescopic sights used on sniper rifles. It is successfully tested on weapons unto 12.7mm caliber.

  • Cobra is a compact and lightweight dual sensor Fused Thermal Weapon Sight built on a state of the art uncooled thermal imaging core providing outstanding sensitivity and excellent image quality. Cobra has an advanced fusion processor digitally fusing the video feeds from the thermal imager and low lux day CCD. 

  • IEOS is an advanced multi sensor optronics package with many applications for the military world. It is a single combined package of long range imaging sensors including MWIR, SWIR, Low Light Day Imager with an optional day spotter integrated with a very long range eye safe Laser Range Finder integrated with a laser pointer for target designation.

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