• Designed for airborne use, but also very suitable for any other mobile application on naval ships and vehicles. This GPS antenna is an active L1/L2 dual-frequency GPS antenna, measuring 89 mm in diameter x 19 mm in height.

  • The MCD-4800 is an auto-pointing BGAN satellite terminal and is easily operated by anyone requiring no training or certification to use. Simply place the weather-tight case on any surface in the world and turn it on and within a minute the MCD-4800 becomes a powerful WiFi hotspot.

  • Bushnell - 6x50mm Equinox Z Monocular 260150 performs very well no matter the situation due to its unparalleled viewing experience in low-light conditions, zoom capability and extremely long battery life.

  • With features such as Image Capture, Video Recording (except for model 260130), Daytime Color and tripod-mounting compatibility, Bushnell - Equinox Z 4.5x40mm Monocular 260140 gives users the tools for success in any endeavor. 

  • Bushnell - Equinox Z 3x30 mm Monocular 260130 has the advantage of AA batteries and an extra-rugged, water-resistant housing, and the result is a digital night vision monocular that performs well no matter the situation.

  • Bushnell - Equinox Z 4x50mm Binoculars 260501 provides an unparalleled viewing experience in low-light conditions. Designed to afford the user outstanding optical clarity and a wide field of view, the Equinox Z line offers powerful infrared illumination and day or night viewing.

  • The Bushnell Equinox Z 2x40mm Binoculars - 260500 is the latest offering in affordable consumer Night Vision. With its high-performance glass objectives, zoom capability and extremely long battery life, nothing reveals the unknowns of darkness like the Equinox Z line of night vision products.

  • Thermobile - Coolmobile C / CR are robust units that can heat, cool and ventilate. Their operating temperature for cooling is between +20 and +45 °C. There is also a version available that cools from +10 °C. 

  • Thermobile - VTB has a built-in thermostat. It is made of stainless steel elements with radial fan for extra heat throw and a fixed outlet temperature of approx. 40-100°C.

  • Thermobile IMAC is a high efficiency heat exchanger (92%), weather resistant and lockable casing. It has high pressure fan for powerful heat distribution. Also, the combustion chamber heat is resistant up to 850°C.

  • Thermobile ITA/ITAS is a high pressure pump for diesel or paraffin. Its combustion chamber heat is resistant up to 850°C. It has 1-way pipe system that prevents fuel disturbance.

  • The RVision Remote Surveillance System (RSS) provides a mobile, self contained and integrated 360° surveillance system which can be rapidly deployed and delivered by a wide range of vehicles. 

  • The SEE Thermal fV is a hardened fixed mount camera containing a 320x240 or 640x480 vanadium oxide thermal imager often used in our Patrol® CCTV and MARK kits.

  • The Carbide LongGlass is a pan/tilt platform capable of carrying a variety of long range optics. Available on the RVision C75, or C150 platforms, LongGlass is designed to be man-portable for rapid deployment, while linking locally to an RVision LOOK® controller or remotely to a user-defined network. 

  • The Carbide 16 is the most advanced mid-size surveillance platform available today. Just slightly larger than our Dual™ i50, the C16 can be configured with many different cooled and uncooled thermal imagers, as well as a variety of laser pointers/designators, with several color camera options available as well. 

  • The SEE HP is a hardened pan/tilt/zoom camera providing nearly silent operation while offering continuous rotation and improved repeatability for preset and go-to targets. The same rugged construction delivers long life performance in harsh environments such as continuous salt water spray or blowing sand. 

  • The KALKAN - Patrol Water-Jet Boat is designed for line of duty on state borders protection on the rivers, lakes, sea coastal areas and services providing for maritime checkpoints. 

  • The Fujinon 12x60 Waterproof, Wide Angle HB series Binocular features high powered roof prism, phase-coated prisms and wonderful handling for such large glass. Center focus is smooth and simple, and the nitrogen-purged housings withstand military specifications for temperature and moisture resistance.

  • OPTIX IdentifieR 60 Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight is a superior system, designed for observation at mid to extremely long distances in any difficult environmental conditions. It provides real time observation and sighting, with a design of the rifle scope that allows it to be used as portable thermal imaging camera and video recording capabilities.  

  • Legendary PVS-14C is the great choice for conducting combat operations, including dismounted terrain navigation in extremely low light conditions.

  • TiCAM 750 Thermal Imaging Binoculars – a medium-range Military Specification handheld thermal imager for military and civilian applications including special forces, search & rescue, police, border security, target acquisition, counter drug operations, park rangers monitoring wildlife/illegal game hunters, VIP protection and for general situational...

  • The Armasight Vulcan scopes represent the apex of night vision weapon sight technology. Our new optical design sets the industry standard, and these devices are significantly more compact than before. 

  • We can advise you on how to accomodate your personnel. With containers for housing, office, sanitary, ablution, power supply, storage, water treatment etcetera. All fully integrated and turn-key delivered and installed. First of all we can advise clients on the accomodation configuration that supports tactical operations best. Then we take care of your...

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    The Armasight Nyx-14 is the new standard by which all compact multi-use monoculars will be judged in the future. The Nyx-14 uses optics that are equal to or better than current Military issue night vision units, built into a tough, compact and ergonomic composite housing.

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