• The demand for high performance day / night surveillance is pressing for smaller, smarter, less expensive products. At the same time, the environments in which imaging products must function are increasingly hostile. Responding to this demand, Moog developed the GeminEye.

  • Introducing a world first – the most advanced and versatile heavy-duty matting system in the world! Strong, tough and built for use in the harshest environments, XtremeMat making them a sound investment for long term projects and rental companies. With the XtremeMats can you make access roads across boggy ground, through swamps, or even floating on water! 

  • MBPKG-F Force Protection Maxa Beam Package with three NiCad Batteries, IR Filter, Maintenance Kit & Storage Case

  • Battlefield tested, approved and ordered by Dutch SF units. Light-weight with impressive specifications, robust design and dynamic driving characteristics such as a 180 degrees turn in a radius of 6 meters due to 4 wheel steering. Airliftable by a large helicopter, such as a Chinook, or airplane. But also fits inside a 20ft container allowing for easy...

  • The Leica Ultravid 32 HD-Plus models are unequalled in their compact form, high optical performance and easy focusing. The 8x32 HD-Plus model is the perfect companion for long hikes or nature observation in difficult terrain. On city tours, the large field of view provides you with the necessary overview when the distance to the observed object is short. 

  • TIB-5100-MOD is the high-end thermal imaging bi-ocular systems for long-range observation. The unit is capable of capturing even subtle details of objects that are many hundred metres away from the observer. Search and Rescue teams, Security specialists and Border Patrol units are armed with this top-of-the-line model of TIB-5000-MOD Series.

  • Designed using leading technology and materials, Dräger’s range of heavy-duty airline apparatus is ideal for use where an extended duration of breathing air is called for. Chemical tank cleaning, toxic spillages or certain tasks when working on offshore installations are all made easier and more comfortable when using the Dräger PAS® AirPack 1.

  • NOSA plugs is a discreet nose plug that effectively reduces bad odour without affecting your breathing capacity. The fresh menthol fragrance also gives a refreshing feeling if having a cold or nasal congestion.

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