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    Engineered with STEDI-EYE® Technology. On any vessel, on any terrain, in any form of combat, when a tactical situation requires the clearest vision, Fraser Optics’ Defense 14x40mm Gyro-Stabilized Monolite enables you to stay clearly focused on your target.

  • This unit is equipped with four circular new generation catering modules, all in stainless steel. The layout of the catering equipment can be made according to the customers' demands with kettles of 200 litres, double-walled pressure cooker of 150 litres, fry pans of 70 litres or woks diameter 800 mm.

  • ENVIRO RAMP  ENVIRO RAMP to facilitate pumped water or sewage to cross site traffic roads.  Ramp built with ribbing structure to help cope with construction traffic on level roads.  The ramp saves any trenching or bridging or pipes making the pump and pipe installation an easy job. 

  • The BMT10 unit is a bullet-resistant environmental camera housing featuring a 7-gauge steel body and is designed to meet or exceed Level III protection per UL standard 752. An integrated tilt bracket protects all wiring and allows for surface mount applications, plus an innovative camera sled allows the camera to be rotated 360° within the housing to...

  • The H-189/GR Handset is a rugged, repairable unit, modelled out of polycabornate Lexan. The handset can be utilised interchangeably with the H-250/U Handset. 

  • The Portable FSG 7016 water- and dustproof UHF/AM Communications Transceiver with VOX controlled transmit. This excellent transceiver system, is a microprocessor controlled, high performance, 16-channels pre-set, handheld UHF/AM air band transceiver, complete with rechargeable, snap-on battery pack, helical antenna and removable/adjustable carrying strap...

  • SOLAR POWER PACKS an be supplied in one of the following configurations: 1 KW, 2 KW, 4 KW, 6 KW, 8 KW, 10 KW.

  • The Magni light jacket is made in lightweight and packable HellyTech® Performance fabric - why settle for heavy gear when you can have this one? Reinforced at shoulders for improved durability.

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