• The VA-M40MKII Warm Air Heater is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide heating in tents or temporary, transportable buildings.

  • The Stat-X compound is the most effective fire extinguishing agent currently available. The Stat-X First Responder works by interrupting the chain reaction of the fire. Upon detection of a fire, Stat-X electric generators are activated automatically from a suitable listed releasing device. 

  • The Stat-X compound is the most effective fire extinguishing agent currently available, many times more effective than conventional agents by mass. The Stat-X First Responder contains the same compound used in the listed fixed fire extinguishing units.

  • The function of the AC-M5MKII Cooling Container is based on a cooling circuit with two powerful fans. The evaporator section contains the evaporator core and a radial fan, which cycles the warm internal air from the shelter through the cold evaporator core and expels the cooled air through the discharge grill.

  • The AC-M11 Air Conditioner is a small, light-weight aluminium air conditioning unit built into a rigid steel frame. It provides air conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents. It is designed for outside installation with ducted supply and return air.

  • The MeoNox DF 3 Serval is a night vision riflescope for precise and quick target acquisition at night time. Maximal objective lens diameter together with a lightweight design makes the device suitable for any Auto/Semi Auto long barrel firearm or PDW.

  • MeoForce with variable 3-12x magnification is riflescope for designated marksman rifle which follows current trends and user's requirements to be used along with most of long barrel bolt action or semi auto rifles for medium range engagement

  • The Riflescope ZD 6-24x56 is a long range scope designed for sniper rifles chambered 7.62x51 NATO or .338 LM or 12.7mm calibers.

  • MeoDot DF 1 is one of the smallest but most powerful red dot sights available on the market, designated for long barrel firearms. Waterproof and shock-proof with incorporated MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) interface. 

  • ZD 4-16x44 Mil-Dot Rifle Scope is designed for long range shooting, precision competition and tactical shooting with bolt action rifle or semi auto DMR.

  • Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of in-the-field operators, the new Meopta MeoTac 3-12x50 tactical riflescope checks the boxes required for tactical shooters worldwide.

  • Meopta ZD riflescopes are developed for extremely difficult light and weather conditions.

  • The GEKO 7411 - Generator is a constructive silent generator with a large air filter and a large exhaust muffler. The Generator switches off by itself when a low oil level is detected. The GEKO Generator contains a three-phase CEE 16A connector, one single-phase CEE 16A connector and one Schuko-Socket. The GEKO Generator also contains a detachable start...

  • The IRIS is a throwable surveillance robot that gets close to the situation without attracting attention. Due its lightweight and small size, the IRIS gets into tight spaces and dangerous areas quickly and quietly. The IRIS can see in the dark, listen to the surroundings and send back critical intel to your handheld controller. 

  • The ACB GEN II - Belt is designed to be a low profile and lightweight modular belt for the active, on the move law enforcement officer. This is a 3-piece belt system, that comes with a Velcro pants belt, padded sleeve, and an inner nylon belt.

  • The XPC Plate Carrier is a no-nonsense ballistic plate carrier that is designed to be extremely modular. The base model is easy to put on and off, while holding life-saving plates. 

  • The Mototok - Helimo electric remote controlled helicopter tug is the perfect tug for all skidded helicopter. The Helimo tug can move every type of helicopter with skids regardless of obstacles such as cameras, radar, floats, winds and ­weapons mounted on the belly or skids of the helicopter. The helimo tug is universal and easily adjustable to meet the...

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    The 35-watt powerhouse features a High Intensity Discharge (HID) arc lamp which emits an incredible level of spotlight of up to 3500 lumens. The lamp shoots light up to a distance of 1.0 kilometers.

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  • The G. van der Lee ropefenders are entirely made out of specially manufactured double-twined fender yarns. These yarns have a maximum UV protection which makes these fenders very well resistant to weather influences and which guarantees a long service life.

  • The Agridam is 80 cm wide and 40 cm high. This results in a retaining height of 30 cm. The Agridam is available at a length of 800 cm and is delivered standard in a plastic storage box (80 x 60 x 42 cm).

  • Deployed worldwide, the dependable Defender has earned a solid reputation, making it one of our most popular weapon mounted lights. We’ve fully sealed the hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum body, enabling flawless performance even after being fully submerged (IPX8).

  • Mototoks are high tech electric towbarless tugs designed for business jets with single or double nose wheel, sporting airplanes and wheeled helicopters.

  • MBPKG-F Force Protection Maxa Beam Package with three NiCad Batteries, IR Filter, Maintenance Kit & Storage Case

  • The Fujinon 10x60 Waterproof, Wide Angle HB series Binocular features high powered roof prism, phase-coated prisms and wonderful handling for such large glass.

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