• This system is the optimum solution to inhibit mobile communication for larger areas. Equipped with external antennas, this system can be perfectly installed in outdoor areas and can also be used in the most adverse weather conditions. 

  • This compact device, the MSS Defence Portable Cellular Phone Jammer is designed for mobile use. Due to its small pocket size it can easily be hidden in clothing, handbags or any other personal belongings. It is powered by a rechargeable Ni-H battery for continuous operation of up to 90 minutes. 

  • The MSS Defence HP Jammer is a high power jammer for all GSM and 3G (UMTS) frequency ranges. It reliably disables all communications within the direct proximity of the MSS Defence HP Jammer. 

  • Jammers are absolutely indispensable in a lot of application areas, i.e. securing of convoys, VIP or borders. We especially want to point out that the jammer technology is also very useful to fend off remote-controlled bombs, i.e. RCIEDs (Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices). This jammer comes complete for installation in a SUV including...

  • This jammer provides ranges of up to 150 m which means that an area of approx. 70.000 m2 is a mobile phone activity free zone when the jammer is activated. Furthermore its applicable as a mobile device with integrated rechargeable battery for 3-5 hours operating time. Each channel is individually variable regarding output power. A unique jammer for police...

  • This police jammer 20 MHz - 3 GHz is a wide-band portable jamming system, designed for the protection of VIPs and groups of people from radio controlled improvised explosion by disabling the radio exploder control lines in dangerous areas and for the prevention of leakage of information through intercepting units during confidential talks.  

  • The MARKAB is a multi-purpose expedition/guard vessel with upgraded, state of the art appliances and technical innovations, making this vessel ideal for both crew and passengers. 

  • Military headset - Defenser DF-1 is a noise cancelling headset with talk-through function and 360° environment awareness. 

  • Delta Optical Minidot with 24 or 26mm lenses. Ideal compact red dot sight for pistol, hunting horn or rifle. Distinguishing features of the second generation of MiniDot are: enhanced waterproof design, manual adjustment of brightness and automatic shut-off, the memory of brightness function. Extremely simple to install and use

  • Now our legendary PBS14 Night Vision Monoculars are getting even more versatile. By coupling it with the Black Optex Zero Lens™ you have rather precise and effective Clip-ON Night Vision Sight PBS14-ZL. This kit gathered the most up to date technological advancements, currently developed.

  • Long Eye Relief, First Focal Plane Etched Glass Reticle with Germany Tech, Min Focus 12 Yards, Advantage in Military and Law Enforcement. 30mm Monotube, Top K9 glass Flip-up Caps, 3 inch Sunshade, Green and Red Illumination and Side Focus.

  • The Point Blank PARACLETE Combat Helmet, built in the ACH shape to exact military specifications, delivers ballistic impact head protection.

  •         illuminated         Light alloy for ring mounting  Ideal for all types of hunting. This rifle scope, designed for use with all-round rifles, especially lightweight stalking and mountain rifles, offers the widest ever range of use and is perfect for driven hunting in forest, field and mountain alike.

  • TiCAM 750 Thermal Imaging Binoculars – a medium-range Military Specification handheld thermal imager for military and civilian applications including special forces, search & rescue, police, border security, target acquisition, counter drug operations, park rangers monitoring wildlife/illegal game hunters, VIP protection and for general situational...

  • Heavy duty container designed to house generator ranging from 50-100 kva. Secured container complete with transport approved, bunded 2,000 litre fuel tank, with lockable end doors for generator installation and side entry access. 

  • Aluminum rather-proof junction box with neat and integrated design. Applicable for thermal network camera. 

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