• Our revolutionary Anti-Climbing and Boarding system is the ultimate cost effective tool in your defence against piracy, terrorism and criminal activity.

  • OXYJUMP KIT (P/N E31228-02-XXX) is a high altitude diluter demand breathing system for parachutists based on 200 bar (3,000 psi) technology for increased oxygen quantity at minimized cylinder volume.

  • CTS’s experts have developed the first improved disrupter; The “Lance®” Disrupter. This first model solves three particular problems that exist at this present time: Weight, the possibility of firing percussion ammunition through the use of either an electrical breech or shock tube breech and custom designed recoil absorbing ammunition that is lightweight...

  • Dominator XP Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS (MALE UAS) serves as a strategic asset, providing comprehensive ISR missions at ranges beyond line-of-sight. 

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    The Armasight Nyx-14 is the new standard by which all compact multi-use monoculars will be judged in the future. The Nyx-14 uses optics that are equal to or better than current Military issue night vision units, built into a tough, compact and ergonomic composite housing.

  • The BMT10 unit is a bullet-resistant environmental camera housing featuring a 7-gauge steel body and is designed to meet or exceed Level III protection per UL standard 752. An integrated tilt bracket protects all wiring and allows for surface mount applications, plus an innovative camera sled allows the camera to be rotated 360° within the housing to...

  • RVM Vehicle Mobility has developed a Light Trackway enabling drivers around the globe to keep their vehicle moving whenever transport roads are in poor condition or not available at all, while not exceeding the total weight of 150 kg.

  • The Comm Port CPAS uses color area scanning technology to effectively scan and inspect the undercarriage of vehicles to search and analyze images for explosive devices, suspicious objects or contraband such as drugs and weapons. 

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