• The boat is designed for rescue operations, patrolling and other similar tasks. The patrol boat has complete armored protection for the crew. The bulletproof wheelhouse is made of armored glass. 12,7mm machine-gun mount is used as armament and controlled from the wheelhouse hatch. 

  • The AC-M18 Air Conditioner is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide air conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents. It is a small light weight unit made out of aluminium and built into a rigid steel frame. The unit is designed to be placed outside, with supply air and return air ducted to the tent. 

  • The SPYNEL-S features a cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) focal plane array, exhibiting high performance, especially in warm and humid regions. Rotating continuously at up to 1 revolution/sec for total 360° azimuth coverage, it captures real time images with an impressive resolution of up to 30 Mpix. 

  • The world’s most powerful handheld, infrared thermal imaging camera, the L-3 Thermal-Eye X200xp incorporates the industry’s leading 30 Hz IR imaging technology and offers unmatched value at an affordable price. 

  • The TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm is a comprehensive, purpose-built weapon system. It incorporates the same tracking and fire-control capabilities found in advanced fighter jets. Shooters of any skill level can now shoot better than the best shooters who ever lived. The TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearm ensures maximum precision at extreme...

  • NovAtel - GAJT-710ML provides anti-jam performance comparable to much larger systems, but at a significantly lower cost. It is easily integrated into new platforms or can be retrofitted with the existing GPS receivers and navigation systems on existing and legacy military fleets.

  • The resolution of 5 m ("Single-Look-Mode") allows for a wide field of application over land and sea. An important feature of the RST Radar is the real-time image generation on board. Its affordable price is another undeniable advantage.

  • An all-stainless ergonomic central cooking block includes big multifunction kettles, 2 gastronorm ovens 2/1, two wide hot plates, one corrugated griddle and several worktables.

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