• One of the most versatile and light weight night vision monoculars out there.The ACT Mini-14's optical performance is outstanding and even outperforms the US Army issued PVS-14. It is a perfect balance between lightweight and rugged design and satisfies many military units around the world.

  • VV2002 is a night vision binocular for extreme operations in the dark and an excellent choice for land navigation and vehicle operation. 

  • Battlefield tested, approved and ordered by Dutch SF units. Light-weight with impressive specifications, robust design and dynamic driving characteristics such as a 180 degrees turn in a radius of 6 meters due to 4 wheel steering. Airliftable by a large helicopter, such as a Chinook, or airplane. But also fits inside a 20ft container allowing for easy...

  • The MSS Defence ICT Lifecycle Services - partnered by DETRON The MSS Defence ICT Lifecycle Services - partnered by DETRON Repair Services, Refurbishment, Obsolescence management, Life Cycle Extension, Vendor Management and Value Added Services of industrial computers (parts) and workstations. 

  • The ground based AMMS utilizes the worldwide unique Acoustic Vector Sensor technology allowing it to detect, classify and localise the full spectrum of acoustic battlefield signatures such as Rockets, Artillery, Mortars  (RAM) and Small Arms Fire (SAF).

  • TRANSTAINER Container static Static fuel tank container available in 9,330 litre, 12,000 litre, 25,130 litre and 56,580 litre. 110% bunded, pump cabinet c/w equipment storage area, built to ULC and UL, BS799 Part 5 & complies with PPG2 Regulations.

  • The Maxa Beam Searchlight is the lightest weight, most powerful, and most effective handheld light available for search and rescue, surveillance, perimeter security, and non-lethal escalation of force operations and has been battle-tested by the United States Armed Forces and numerous government agencies for over twenty-five years.

  • The handheld VarioVIEW™ 150 thermal binocular combines extended range performance with high resolution and maximum mobility for a broad variety of homeland security applications. It offers a detection range of persons up to 5 km and usually a detection range of at least 7 to 8 km for ground vehicles.

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