• The Mototok Twin Wide – the tug for special demands. The Mototok Twin Wide tug is designed for towing special aircraft like Embraer KC-390 or Lockheed C-130 (Hercules). With a maximal width of its opening of 1425 mm (56.1″) aircrafts with very wide nose wheel can still be manoeuvred.

  • SOLAR POWER PACKS an be supplied in one of the following configurations: 1 KW, 2 KW, 4 KW, 6 KW, 8 KW, 10 KW.

  • This 10 ft ISO container is easy to set in operation in 30 minutes with two people.According to the versions, the cooks have at disposal two or three cooking modules (MultiSert, DuoSert, CombiSert) with ventilation/extraction hood.

  • Our world-famous PM II line made a name through deployment with the American USMC special forces as well as by the US Navy, Air Force and Army. 

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    The BS-500 Tactical Drone Disruptor is a portable all-in-one drone disruptor. It can effectively disable drones at long distances. The BS-500 can be deployed within seconds and requires minimal training. Compared to mounted and automated anti-drone systems the BS-500 is lightweight, compact, flexible and very affordable. 

  • The 60x52 Bench Rest Scope is among one of the first models produced by the Deon Optical Corporation from Japan. They have some unusual, yet simple design features. They have become 'the benchrest standard'. 

  • The AC-M18 Air Conditioner is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide air conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents. It is a small light weight unit made out of aluminium and built into a rigid steel frame. The unit is designed to be placed outside, with supply air and return air ducted to the tent. 

  • Geodan developed Phoenix, a touch table application which integrates various static and dynamic (geo-) information sources, in order to perform fast and accurate assessments for operational decision making. 

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