• The Portable toilet is a means of personal hygiene ideal for units of civil defense, fire fighters, NGOs in the context of external interventions or all situations of life on unsuitable sites.

  • In stand-alone configuration, the PRC-2080+ is ideal for squad level communication requirements. Using either the supplied advanced handset or optional tactical headset, the PRC-2080+ transceiver can communicate reliably up to 8 km in open space (subject to terrain and topography), using the standard tape whip antenna.

  • APUS – 1507 is a complex designed for real-time video data transmitting and precise determination of objects’ coordinates. 

  • Our world-famous PM II line made a name through deployment with the American USMC special forces as well as by the US Navy, Air Force and Army. 

  • PIRANHA is a portable tactical Wi-Fi Interception sensor. Piranha intercepts targets with a range extending up to 500 meters. The system is controlled remotely and there is no need for an operator in the field. The PIRANHA is simple to use, with one button used for turning it on. The operator will place the Piranha sensor in the Target’s premises. The...

  • FDS was developed to enable our clients to instantly deploy a temporary road; in a matter of minutes, 100 meter of Portable Roadway can be laid out. 

  • The NovAtel - NoGAJT-AE-N specially designed for use in drones, provides the antenna electronics for a Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) in a rugged enclosure.

  • The Selex ES Platform PRR H-400-4855 has been designed to be fitted in a range of hard-skinned and soft-skinned military vehicles, rotary-winged and transport aircraft. Interfacing with the platform harness, the Platform PRR provides communications between the crew and mounted, dismounted or transported troops equipped with PRR and EZPRR.

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