• OPTIX RecognizIR 50 combines the lightness and compactness of RecognizIR 35 but with distances for detecting and shooting close to those of IdentifieR 60 Snapshot. The unit has options for digital image processing, optimizing the image for different weather conditions (rain, fog, hot weather) or simply according to the personal preferences of the user. 

  • An all-stainless ergonomic central cooking block includes big multifunction kettles, 2 gastronorm ovens 2/1, two wide hot plates, one corrugated griddle and several worktables.

  • MSS is proud to introduce the Armasight's Prometheus Mini Long-wave Infrared Thermal Imaging Monocular, representing the latest evolution in our never-ceasing quest to reduce size and weight, while maximizing power, available features, and functionality. The featherweight mass of 230g makes the The Prometheus Mini the lightest thermal imager currenty on...

  • Based on the very latest Intel Core™ i7 CPU technology, the DRS - RW104 HD GVA Smart-Display has high resolution, it is a modular multi-function tactical display, providing leading edge computing and display capability for the most demanding ground vehicle environments. 

  • CTS’s experts have developed the first improved disrupter; The “Lance®” Disrupter. This first model solves three particular problems that exist at this present time: Weight, the possibility of firing percussion ammunition through the use of either an electrical breech or shock tube breech and custom designed recoil absorbing ammunition that is lightweight...

  • The world’s most powerful handheld, infrared thermal imaging camera, the L-3 Thermal-Eye X200xp incorporates the industry’s leading 30 Hz IR imaging technology and offers unmatched value at an affordable price. 

  • The Armoured Law Enforcement Vehicle VEPER-6 is designed for transportation of law enforcement personnel and various types of cargo on both urban and off-road terrain. The vehicle can be equipped with sirens and light, search lights and other necessary equipment for police/swat in the field. Driver and personal are highly protected against bullets or...

  • Aluminum mount-adapter with neat and integrated design. Applicable for thermal network camera. 

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