• Top notch high-end night vision system. Designed for aviators and SF operators. Australian designed, manufactured & serviced. Requires only annual servicing (72 hours turnaround). Patented technology with IR /ILS transmission of data (service,  logbooks, pilot training ). 40% increase in performance. CASA approved.

  • This Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is designed for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations. The standard UAS package consists of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) with 4-stroke engine, rugged case Ground Control Station (GCS), communication link, video transmission link, antennas with masts, transportation cases, necessary...

  • The GLARE HELIOSTM is the only Class 1M ocular interruption device FDA approved for use by local, state, and federal law enforcement in the United States. Our SmartRangeTM technology and proven Hail and Warning capability have been integrated into the GLARE HELIOSTM to affect an immediate, directional, and eye safe visual deterrent from 4m to 25km.

  • The GLARE RECOIL is an advanced ocular interruption device capable of providing effective hail and warning for any escalation of force scenario. By integrating our SmartRangeTM technology with our proven green laser capabilities, the GLARE RECOIL allows the Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine to provide immediate and recognizable visual warning from 4m to...

  • Butoka AES mini is equipped with 180 mAh rechargeable battery for quick deployment and provides around 25 hours of continuous recording. With 12-bit resolution at 16 kHz sampling frequency. Special micro charger is supplied with the kit for charging and continuous operation. The recorder can be powered from 5V external power supply to provide an extended...

  • ORION is a portable hand-held device engineered to discover any device transmitting data, video or audio over the wifi network. ORION scans over 2.4GHz and 5GHz Bands, mapping the area while discovering; profiling and locating any Access Point or Wi-Fi device operating within the designated area including: WIFI, Phones, Computers, Watches and IP-Cameras.

  • PIRANHA is a portable tactical Wi-Fi Interception sensor. Piranha intercepts targets with a range extending up to 500 meters. The system is controlled remotely and there is no need for an operator in the field. The PIRANHA is simple to use, with one button used for turning it on. The operator will place the Piranha sensor in the Target’s premises. The...

  • Very nice value for money Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) including state of the art quadrocopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), a user-friendly Ground Control Station (GCS), all communications for data and control and of course a choice of high performance optical sensor gimbals.

  • The Saint Torch 10 is an ultra-bright rechargeable search light, using single CREE® XHP 70 LED to deliver a power beam of up to 3200 lumens. A 10400mAh high capacity rechargeable battery pack supports this extra high endurance tool to deliver 120 hours of light. 16.8V AC direct quick charge design, just 4 hours charging time. 

  • The TA40 is NEXTORCH’s newest 1040 lumen ultra bright flashlight model. The TA40’s highest beam delivers 1040 lumens and much more than other similar tactical flashlights. One could call it the king of single lithium-ion single core tactical flashlights. The ultra strong combination of functions, all make the TA40 the king of its category. 

  • Outdoor pocket knife with liner lock, Muela, Panzer. Blade of MOVA-60 steel with black coating. Thumb button for 1-hand opening. Lifts of black plastic. Folding Blade pocket knife with Nylon Sheath.

  • A small curvy compass with thermometer and cardinal directions. With its small size and precise needle, this is the perfect compass to to bring along your hike. It fits right in your pocket and comes with a carabiner hook for attachment as well as a thermometer to keep you aware of your environment’s shiftings. Keep this compass in your pocket at all...

  • SILVA Ranger SL is a small sighting compass, ideal as a reserve or an “always-packed” compass. Built in sun dial. Can be attached to your jacket with a safety pin, thereby allowing hands-free navigation. A go anywhere tool for serious compass users.

  • SILVA Expedition S features easy-handling Dryflex housing. Silicon rubber feet for precision map work, detachable safety-release lanyards and night-enabling luminous markings. If you are in need of a traditional baseplate compass with high-end features, the Expedition should be your choice. If the terrain demands for a mirror sighting compass Expedition S...

  • You can take that bivouac on with one hand. The Bivy riggers multi-tool has an easy single-handed operation for when your other one is busy with rigging or holding yourself in place during an emergency. Hans Florine of Lafayette, CA designed the Bivy. He created a quality tool that works both on skyscrapers and mountains that scrape the sky.

  • One blade to rule them all. You couldn’t bring yourself to believe there could be a bigger machete than the original. Then we brought the 16” blade. A full 18” slab of steel that comes with the same comfortable handle, and reinforced nylon sheath as the original, this is the survival machete to use when the only thing you’ll be cutting to is your...

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