• The Barrett PRC-2091 HF Tactical Mobile Package upgrades the PRC-2090 by providing a convenient rapid docking system and transmitter power amplification to 125 W PEP. 

  • Building safety is a top priority for home and business owners. Protect your retail, commercial and residential buildings from the dangers of flying glass due to earthquakes, windstorms, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft and accidents by using Bomb-Blast Protection Window Film.

  • The new roof prism binoculars of the KF Series are distinguished by extremely handy style and ultra light body. These models are totally waterproof, easy to carry and very robust with environment-friendly lenses free of hazardous substances.

  • The Advanced Vehicle Interrogation And Notification System detects the presence of persons hidden in vehicles. Using data from special sensors, AVIAN finds the shock wave generated by a beating heart, which couples to any surface with which the body is in contact. AVIAN collects data and analyzes them using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect...

  • Multifunctional unmanned aircraft system, designed for target acquisition and adjusting of artillery fire. FURIA can work at a depth of 30 km., it has a fly time more than 2 hours and can withstand the wind blast of up to 15m/s. 

  • Helly Hansen Lysekil Insulator is a protective interactive product which can be utilised as an inner zip-in product with the Wolfsberg and Rothenberg styles. 

  • Torskin is a brand new collection of innovative slash, cut and stab resistant shirts and polos. Torskin develops products of the highest quality with a strong focus on comfort and weight reduction. Torskin feels like a second skin, offering optimal protection. With the development of the Torskin range, we at MSS Defence can now offer customers complete...

  • The Portable toilet is a means of personal hygiene ideal for units of civil defense, fire fighters, NGOs in the context of external interventions or all situations of life on unsuitable sites.

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